About Us - A Private Membership Association


 So, you want to know what makes us tick?




Years ago, we became frustrated with the quality of food in the local supermarkets and felt the pressing need to find quality, responsibly-produced, “real” foods for our family and friends.  We were on a search for some food truth!  We frequented farmers markets, visited farms, talked with friends and searched the internet for other food sources.  We found a couple reliable sources but there was one major problem; all of our weekend “free time” wasn’t free time any more.  Our entire weekends were taken up with running all around town on the mission of finding all of our food at a handful of different places.  Yuck!

“There has to be a better way!” we thought.  We searched around town for food CO-OP’s and in July of 2010 found a tiny little club of twelve families in the Durham area so we joined.  After our first order, we were hooked!  The products were like nothing we had ever tasted before and we could feel ourselves getting stronger and healthier due to the super-high quality of the “real” food. 

A few months later, the group almost shut down because the coordinator was having a tough time managing all of the responsibilities.  She told us she just couldn’t do it anymore and wanted us to take over.  This took us by surprise but, after weighing the options, we realized that we couldn’t just let the group go plus 12 other families were counting on the food too.  So, we set up an email account, created a few mailing lists, customized a free website program, continued to grow and here we are.