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Wouldn’t a world where farmers can just focus on farming without having to hassle with sales be great? How about a place where people can have access to “real” food easily? Here at NC Farm Fresh Foods, we do our best to locate to best local and national farms that produce high quality food products the way nature intended them to be. Then, through our private, members only farm club, we distribute it to health conscious, “real” food-craving consumers through drop sites, restaurants and in-person home delivery. It’s an online farmer’s market where customers can rest assured that everything being offered is the best available. Members can speak directly with the farmers simply by picking up the phone. It enables the consumer to pick and choose “real” foods from the comfort of their favorite chair or the convenience of their smart phone and have it delivered to a convenient local drop site or directly to their door!

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Membership Fee:

Club members pay labor, board, and bottling fees and then are provided with products from their animal lease. You can become a lifetime member simply by paying a one-time membership fee of $35.00. The membership fee isn’t due until the time you pick up your first order and it will be automatically included as a line item on your first invoice.

Order Frequency:

Currently, food is ordered and delivered once per month and drops are exactly four weeks apart. Products can also be ordered as needed and shipped via Fedex for an additional charge.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping and Handling charges are billed on a per box basis and are determined based upon the quantity of products ordered each month. The first box is $18.00 and each additional box is $5.00. So if you order 3 boxes full of products, the total shipping will be $28.00 ($18 + $5 + $5). Roughly 4 gallons of milk will fit in one box. This fee covers the cost of the truck that carries the food from the farm in Pennsylvania to North Carolina and the labor to pack the orders at the farm.

Late Order Fee:

Each month, an email will be sent to the entire membership group announcing that orders are open for the current month. The email will include a drop date, order deadline and detailed drop information (with a link to a google map). If your order is placed more than 24 hours after the posted deadline, a $5.00 lare order fee will be assessed.  If your order is placed more than 48 hours after the posted deadline, a $10.00 late order fee will be assessed.  If your order is placed more than 72 hours after the posted deadline, the order will be delayed until the next posted drop date.

Drop Convenience Fee:

In an effort to retain our excellent volunteers and help compensate them for their time, energy and gas expense, a mandatory drop fee is charged per order. This fee should be paid in cash directly to the drop driver that services your drop. RTP-Area drop sites require a $5.00 cash fee. Greensboro drop site requires a $10.00 cash fee.

Order Storage Fee:

For drop sites where order storage is available, arrangements can be made prior to the drop time to have orders stored for later pickup, in the event that you'll be unable to make a designated drop time. If arrangements are made prior to the day of the drop, a food storage fee of $15.00 per 48 hour period (starting at 12:00PM on drop day) will be charged. If you simply do not show up for the drop and your food has to be stored for you, the charge is $25.00 per 48 hour period (starting at 12:00PM on drop day). Members will forfeit their membership fee and be removed from future club communications if food is left, fees are not paid and/or orders are not claimed.

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