Drop Locations


 Here's how you'll get your orders!




All member orders are distributed through drop locations. This is where you meet up with your drop driver and other members to pick up your order. You, no doubt, have an important career, tight schedule or countless other obligations that require your time and attention. To make sure you can get in and get out quickly, we focus our efforts on making sure our food deliveries occur on time and, to make your drive easier, we’ve chosen locations that are close to main roads and highways.

You’ll find a list of our current drops to the right with times, dates and ordering deadlines. Below, is a general drop location list for you. The actual drop address will be included in our monthly member communications. Many of our members live in areas a considerable distance from current drop locations and we’re always working to service everyone better by increasing the number of locations we service. If you’re interested in starting a group in your area or have some family or social media friends that might be interested in ordering, let us know!

Currently, our food drops happen once every four (4) weeks but may increase to every (2) weeks as the membership grows. In case you have any questions, our FAQ’s page has a few answers that might help and you can always send us an email if you need to.

Current Drop Sites:

 · Cary, NC - Close to Walnut Steet & 440/64
· Durham/Chapel Hill, NC – Close to I40 and 15/501
· Greensboro, NC - Close to I 40 & S. Elm-Eugene St.
· Raleigh/Wake Forest, NC – Close to the intersection of 540 and US1/Capital Blvd.


Future Drop Sites:

In their search for “real” food, we have members from all over the state of NC. A few of them make the drive to one of the above drop sites, a few order via overnight courier and many others are waiting for drop sites closer to them. To start a new drop site, we need to have a minimum of 15 orders per month. If you’d like to help start a new drop site, please let us know.