Check out these commonly asked questions.




I can't remember my password.  How do I log in?
Click the “Log In” link on the top of the page.  On the Log In page, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link.  Type in your email address and click the “Submit” button.  You’ll be emailed a link to reset your password.

How do I reset my password?
Log In to your account using your registered email address and password.  From the “My Dashboard” page, click the “Account Information” link in the left column.  Click the “Change Password” checkbox, fill in the values for the “Passwords” and click the “Save” button.

What if my order is missing items or is incorrect?
Unfortunately, sometimes items that we order are out of stock, substituted or accidentally forgotten at the farm.  This doesn’t happen often but when it does, please tell us as quickly as possible by clicking the “Contact Us” link and the “Order Support” email link at the bottom of the page.  The farm may offer to ship the missing items at their cost or we will issue a credit for you to be applied to your next order.  At times, the farm may substitute similar items if an item ordered is out of stock.  To prevent the farm from sending substitute items, you can type **NO SUBSTITUTIONS** in the “Notes to the Farm” box located on the shopping cart page.

What if I can’t make a drop time?
Depending on the drop site chosen, a food storage service is offered.  If your order needs to be stored, you can pre-arrange that with us up to 8:00PM the night before the drop occurs for $15.00 per 48 hour period. 

What if I miss a drop time?
If you arrive late or miss a drop time without pre-arranging food storage please tell us as quickly as possible.  If your food has to be stored at the drop driver’s home, you will be charged $25.00 per 48 hour period.  All unclaimed orders will forfeit any paid membership fees and automatically terminate your club membership contract.

How much food fits in a box?
The farm packs our orders in 12 5/16” square cardboard boxes.  To give you an idea of what fits in the box, picture 4 gallons of milk with 3 dozen eggs across the top.

What is a food drop site?
Please click on the “Drop Locations” button above.

Do I have to order every month?
No.  You only order when and what you want.

Do I get to choose what’s in my boxes?
Absolutely.  You use our website like your own personal farmers market and pick whatever you’d like to try.

What time do I have to be at the drop site?
Members should arrive at the food drop sites on time or 5 or so minutes late.  The drop driver will only be at the drop site for 30 minutes.  If the drop time is at 11:30, the driver will pull out at 12:00 sharp.

How long does the food last?
Due to the raw nature of the farm products, it’s hard to say for sure how long they will last.  In our experience as members ourselves, soft and liquid dairy products will taste fresh for about a week and half to two weeks before the flavor starts to strengthen.  Eggs, hard cheeses, fermented items, etc are usually good for the month.  Items can be frozen to extend their shelf life.  A best practice is bring coolers and ice with you to the drop site and ice down your items upon receipt.

Can I freeze the dairy products?
We do every month. We purchase ½ gallon’s of milk and smaller quantities of yogurt, cream, etc. When freezing milk, shake it a couple times during it’s freezing process to keep the cream incorporated. Think about how ice cream is frozen. The Weston A Price foundation website says that the beneficial bacteria and components found in the products are not harmed by freezing.

When do I receive my order?
To the right, locate your chosen drop site and your drop date and time is listed there for you.

When is the ordering deadline?
To the right, the next order deadline is posted there for you. 

What happens when the drop day is on a holiday or holiday weekend?
Drops occurring on holiday weekends are still conducted as regular non-holiday weekends.  If a drop occurs on a holiday, alternate arrangements will be made and communicated to you prior to the drop.

What if there is bad weather coming?
While rainy days aren’t pleasant when moving and loading boxes into cars, vans and trucks we still run as planned as long as no weather advisories have been issued.  In the event of winter precipitation, the exact drop time and/or date may be delayed until its safe for you and our drop drivers to be on the road.  We will communicate this to you through our normal member communications.

What is this S&H charge on my invoice?
Every order comes with a shipping and handling charge.  The charges calculated by the website are only estimated charges based on the weight of the products ordered.  However, sometimes this doesn’t work out when lower weight items fill a box.  The shipping and handling charge goes to pay for the refrigerated truck that transported our orders and the labor cost of the employees at the farm the pack the orders.

Where is my drop site?
The exact address and google map link of your drop site location is included in our email member communications.  Please check your email box for all the drop details.